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Often times, people who have served in the military are offered special advantages. At Car Trek, we offer you Used Car Loans for Military in Puyallup. It’s our way of saying thank you for serving your country! Our military auto loans have special features to them that make them different from the ordinary car loans we offer. If you’ve served in the military, or are currently serving, we strongly suggest that you apply for one of our loans today!

Preparing for Your Used Car Loan

One of the best ways to prepare for Car Trek’s Used Car Loans for Military in Puyallup is to know what your current credit score is. In general, it’s easier to get all of the mandatory information ready before your apply.

Another great way to prepare for your military loan is to take a look at our inventory! At Car Trek, we have a wide selection of used vehicles to choose from. We suggest taking a look at our inventory before applying for your loan. It helps to know what kind of vehicle you’re looking for, and it also makes the whole loan process quicker.

Benefits of Car Loans for Military in Puyallup

It’s no surprise to anyone that auto loans can help out in a variety of ways. Car Trek’s military loans are all adjusted to have minimal impact on your wallet. The two ways that we make the money easier on you is by lowering the initial down-payment and by extending the pay period. In general, our auto loans don’t usually have very high down-payment prices. But we know that serving in the military can take a financial toll on you and your family. Also, we really want to thank you for your service! Secondly, the longer pay periods with Used Car Loans for Military in Puyallup means that you get an extended amount of time to make your payment. Usually, we give our customers a month to make the next payment. We’ve extended the time for our military loans, to show our gratitude.

Another benefit to Car Trek’s military loans is, obviously, the impact they will have on your credit score. If you have poor credit, applying for one of our loans will definitely increase your score. In the future, you’ll have more options and more doors will open for you. Even if your credit score is already pretty good, it’s a great way to purchase a car while making sure your good credit stays.

If you’ve served in the military, or are in active duty, give us at Car Trek a call at 877-875-3704. You can also find our dealership at 1620 River Rd. in Puyallup. We look forward to working with you.

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